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White Candle Wick, 20cm, Set of 10

White Candle Wick, 20cm, Set of 10

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White Candle Wick, 20cm, Set of 10

Introducing our White Candle Wick, 20cm, Set of 10, the perfect choice for candle-making enthusiasts seeking quality and performance. Crafted with precision and care, these wicks ensure a clean, steady burn. Therefore, making them ideal for creating a variety of candle types, from tall pillars to large container candles.

Firstly, each set includes 10 wicks, each measuring 20cm in length, providing ample length for even the tallest candles. Made from 100% natural cotton, these wicks guarantee a smokeless and consistent flame. Therefore promoting even burning and minimizing soot for a cleaner, more enjoyable candle experience.

Secondly, our wicks are pre-coated with a layer of wax. This makes them easy to handle and secure in your molds or containers. This feature ensures a straightforward setup, allowing you to focus on your creative process without hassle. The wicks are designed to perform excellently with various types of wax, including soy, paraffin, and beeswax, offering versatility for all your candle-making projects.

Finally, whether you are an experienced candle maker or just starting, this set provides the reliability and quality needed to create beautiful, long-lasting candles. In conclusion, enhance your candle-making experience with wicks that offer exceptional performance, and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting perfect candles every time.

  • Great for adults
  • Appropriate for 8 years and up
  • 60 mins
  • Arrives unassembled
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