About us

Want to know more about us at Scribble and Scratch?

Founded in 2024 in a small home, the journey began with a passion. This was a passion for arts, crafts, and stationery. Added to this, it was a mission to reignite the spark of imagination and creativity in everyone we touch.

Firstly, at our core, we believe in putting the fun back into creativity. We strive to provide resources, inspiration, and opportunities for individuals. This includes all ages to explore their artistic talents and unleash their imagination.

Secondly, our vision extends beyond just crafting; we aspire to make a positive impact on families and communities. Through our products, workshops, and outreach initiatives, we aim to foster bonds. We also create memories, and strengthen relationships within and beyond our immediate circles.

But Scribble and Scratch is more than just an online store, it’s a creative content platform too. β€œI’ve made it my mission to share the love and joy that I have found in creativity with others” says Camilla. β€œArt is therapy, art is an avenue for children to develop their imaginations, and art is something that can bring friends and families together.” 

Whether you are an amateur artist looking for tips, or a parent needing activities to do with the kids, Scribble and Scratch provides an array of free tutorials on the website and across its social platforms. Consumers who choose a product on the site will receive a QR code with a link to a how-to video, and conversely, tutorials also provide a list of supplies that are available on the online store.

In conclusion, as we continue to grow, our sights are set on expanding our reach countrywide in South Africa. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the joy of creativity and endeavour to make a difference, one craft at a time.

Finally, if you want to read more about us, out and about; click here. If you want to start shopping, click here. Also, if you want to read up on the benefits of arts and crafts, you can check it out here.Β