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Watercolour Round Pads

Watercolour Round Pads

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Watercolour Round Pads, 24 sheet 190mm

Introducing our Watercolour Round Pads, a must-have for artists seeking high-quality paper for their watercolour creations. Crafted with precision, each pad contains 24 sheets of premium watercolour paper, measuring 190mm in diameter, offering a unique and versatile canvas for your artistic expressions.

Firstly, each sheet in the Watercolour Round Pads is made from thick, 200gsm acid-free paper, designed to withstand heavy washes and intricate details without warping or bleeding. The round shape adds an innovative twist to your artwork, encouraging creativity and new perspectives in your painting projects.

Secondly, the textured surface of the paper enhances the image of watercolours, allowing pigments to settle beautifully and blend seamlessly. Whether you're working on detailed illustrations, bold landscapes, or abstract designs. This paper supports a wide range of techniques and styles.

The 24-sheet pad ensures you have ample supply for multiple projects, making it perfect for both practice and finished pieces. The sturdy backing provides a firm surface for painting, whether you're working at a table or in the field.

Finally, elevate your watercolor experience with our Watercolour Round Pads. Enjoy the exceptional quality, innovative design, and versatility they offer, and let your creativity flow onto each unique, circular canvas. Perfect for artists of all levels, these pads are designed to inspire and support your artistic journey.

  • White 300gsm watercolour paper
  • 190mm diameter round shape
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