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Treeline Koki 12's regular assorted

Treeline Koki 12's regular assorted

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Treeline Koki 12's regular assorted

Unleash your creativity with Treeline Koki 12's Regular Assorted Marker Set, designed to bring vibrant colour and precision to every project. Each marker in this set features a fine 1mm tip, perfect for detailed drawing, intricate designs, and colourful note-taking. Whether you're an artist, student, or professional, these markers provide the tools you need to make your work stand out.

TheTreeline Koki 12's markers are filled with high-quality, water-based ink that ensures smooth, consistent flow and brilliant colour payoff. The ink dries quickly to prevent smudging and bleeding, keeping your work clean and precise. With a variety of 12 vivid colours, this set offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

The ergonomic design of these markers promotes comfortable use, even during long drawing sessions. Each marker features a durable, metal-clad tip that withstands heavy use, ensuring they remain reliable and functional over time. The secure caps prevent the markers from drying out, while the integrated clip allows for easy portability.

Treeline commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this set. From the sleek, stylish design to the superior performance of each marker,Treeline Koki 12's Regular Assorted Marker Set is an essential addition to any artist's toolkit. Elevate your art and experience the quality and innovation thatTreeline consistently delivers.

  • Appropriate for 3 years of age and up
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