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Faber Castell kneadable eraser

Faber Castell kneadable eraser

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Faber Castell kneadable eraser

Introducing our Kneadable Eraser - the ultimate tool for artists seeking precision and versatility! Elevate your creative process with this pliable eraser that molds to your needs. Say goodbye to smudges and unwanted marks as you sketch, shade, or detail with ease.

For example, if you're working with graphite, charcoal, or pastel, our kneadable eraser lifts pigment without harming your paper's surface. Its soft, residue-free formula ensures clean corrections every time, leaving your artwork pristine and professional.

Therefore, Faber Castell kneadable eraser are the perfect choice for correcting charcoal, pencil, and pastel work. They're easily kneadable, absorbent, and leave no residue behind. In addition, they come in a convenient storage box to keep your workspace tidy.Β 

Product features:

  • For correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work.
  • For cleaning slides and final drawings.
  • Extremely kneadable and absorbent.
  • Includes storage box.
  • Colour: Grey

With its exceptional kneadability and absorbency, our Kneadable Eraser is ideal for correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work, as well as cleaning slides and final drawings. Added to this, Its grey colour adds a sleek touch to your artist's toolkit.Β 

In conclusion, a kneadable eraser is a useful tool in various artistic mediums, offering precise erasing and gentle lifting without damaging the paper. Finally, this rubber's unique texture sets it apart, allowing artists to shape it for customized corrections, making it an essential addition to any artist's arsenal.

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