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Scribble and Scratch

BIC Orange Fine Black Pen

BIC Orange Fine Black Pen

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BIC Orange Fine Black Pen

Introducing the BIC Orange Fine Black Pen, the essential writing tool for smooth and precise lines in every stroke! Crafted with precision and reliability by BIC, this pen is a staple for everyday writing tasks, note-taking, and doodling.

  • Featuring a fine 0.8mm tip
  • Delivers crisp and consistent lines,
  • Perfect for detailed writing and intricate designs.
  • Whether you're jotting down notes, filling out forms, or sketching ideas, this pen ensures clarity and precision in every word.

With its sleek design and comfortable grip, this pen offers an enjoyable writing experience for extended use. The classic black ink provides bold and legible lines, making your writing stand out on any paper surface.

Ideal for professionals, students, and artists alike, the pen is versatile and dependable for all your writing needs. From everyday writing tasks to creative endeavors, trust BIC to deliver a smooth and reliable writing experience with this essential pen.

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