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Canson Aquarelle A4 XL Watercolour Paper Pads

Canson Aquarelle A4 XL Watercolour Paper Pads

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Canson Aquarelle A4 XL Watercolour Paper Pads

Introducing the Canson Aquarelle A4 XL Watercolor Paper Pads. This is the ultimate companion for watercolor enthusiasts seeking premium quality and boundless creativity! Crafted by the esteemed paper artisans at Canson, these pads are designed to elevate your artistic experience to new heights.

Firstly, each pad features heavyweight paper with exceptional absorbency. This allows colors to blend seamlessly and textures to come alive with every brushstroke. The A4 size offers ample space for intricate details and expansive compositions. Therefore making it perfect for both small-scale studies and larger masterpieces.

Secondly, these pads cater to diverse artistic preferences with a choice of cold-pressed, hot-pressed, or rough textures, ensuring that every stroke meets the perfect surface.Whether you prefer the smooth finish of hot-pressed paper or the textured allure of rough grain, this Canson XL Watercolour Pads provides the versatility you need to unleash your creativity.

In conclusion, this is ideal for artists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, these pads are bound on one side for easy removal of finished artworks. Whether you're painting landscapes, portraits, or abstract expressions, let your imagination soar with this paperβ€”the essential choice for every watercolor artist's toolkit.

Finally, Canson XL Watercolour Pads feature a cold press textured paper that works beautifully for a variety of techniques. The durable

  • 300gsm paper
  • Acid-free and
  • Micro-perforated,
  • Suitable for repeated erasing.
  • Ideal for watercolour, acrylic, pen & ink, marker, coloured pencil, pencil, charcoal & pastel.
  • 30 sheets.
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