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A4 PVC Filing pockets 40 Micron 100's

A4 PVC Filing pockets 40 Micron 100's

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A4 PVC Filing pockets 40 Micron 100's

Introducing our A4 PVC Filing Pockets. It comes inΒ  a pack of 100 durable and versatile pockets designed to streamline your document storage and organization. Crafted from high-quality 40-micron PVC material, these filing pockets offer exceptional clarity and durability to protect your documents while keeping them easily accessible.

Each pocket is sized to fit standard A4 documents, making them compatible with most filing systems and binders. The transparent design allows for quick and effortless identification of contents, eliminating the need to remove documents for inspection.

With a pack of 100 pockets, you'll have an ample supply to accommodate a wide range of documents, from reports and presentations to invoices and receipts. Whether you're organizing office paperwork, school assignments, or personal documents, these filing pockets provide a convenient and efficient solution.

The reinforced edges ensure the pockets stay securely attached to your binder, preventing tearing or damage during handling. The smooth finish and sturdy construction make inserting and retrieving documents a breeze, saving you time and effort in your daily tasks.

These sleeves serve various purposes in organizing and storing documents efficiently:

  • Office Organization
  • School Assignments
  • Home Filing System
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Project Management
  • Archiving and Document Preservation
  • Travel and Events
  • Classroom Management

Overall, the A4 PVC Filing Pockets offer a versatile and practical solution for document storage and organization in various settings, including offices, schools, homes, and beyond.

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