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22mm Bulldog Clips, Set of 6

22mm Bulldog Clips, Set of 6

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Set of 6 Bulldog Clips, 22mm

Bulldog clips offer versatile functionality for securely holding together papers, documents, and materials. Resembling the iconic shape of a bulldog's jaws, each clip comprises two robust, spring-loaded metal arms with a strong hinge, ensuring a firm grip on papers. Attached to a sturdy metal body, they often feature a hanging loop for easy attachment to surfaces.

Available in various sizes, including these 22mm Bulldog Clips, Set of 6, they range from small ones suited for organizing receipts to larger ones capable of handling thick stacks of paper. The clips' jaws can be opened wide to accommodate thicker materials or closed tightly for a secure hold.

Their practical design renders them indispensable in offices, classrooms, and homes, facilitating paperwork organization, document retention, and information display. Additionally, they find utility in crafts, DIY projects, and creative endeavors, securely holding materials during construction or assembly.

With their robust grip and durable construction, these bulldog clips are ideal for office, classroom, home, or on-the-go use. Measuring 22mm, they are perfect for securing smaller stacks of paper or materials.

Bulldog clips are great for:

  • Display purposes
  • Craft projects
  • Cable management
  • Book. marks
  • Labelling
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