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Stick'n Extra Sticky Neon Cube

Stick'n Extra Sticky Neon Cube

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Stick'n Extra Sticky Neon Cube, 90 Sheets

Introducing the Stick'n Extra Sticky Neon Cube, a vibrant and versatile solution for all your note-taking and organization needs. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this cube of sticky notes offers unmatched adhesion and visibility. Therefore, ensuring your messages stand out in any environment.

Firstly, each cube contains 90 sheets of neon-colored sticky notes, providing ample space for jotting down. Anything from reminders, to-do lists, or important messages. The vivid neon hues add a pop of color to your workspace, making it easy to spot your notes at a glance.

Secondly, crafted with extra-sticky adhesive, these notes adhere firmly to a variety of surfaces, including paper, walls, desks, and more. Whether you're leaving reminders for yourself, marking pages in a book, or sharing messages with colleagues, you can trust that your notes will stay in place until you're ready to remove them.

The compact cube design makes it easy to keep your sticky notes organized and accessible on your desk or workspace. The convenient size allows you to grab a note whenever inspiration strikes, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Finally, elevate your note-taking experience with the Stick'n Extra Sticky Neon Cube. In conclusion, enjoy the vibrant colors, reliable adhesion, and versatility they provide, and stay organized and productive in style.

  • Ideal age is 5 years and upย 
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