Why are arts and crafts so good for kids?

Why are arts and crafts so good for kids?

The benefits of being creative.

By Camilla Hyson, founder of Scribble and ScratchΒ 

As a female entrepreneur and working mom, I have often found myself wondering how to strike the balance. The balance between being available to my β€˜business baby’ and my actual babies. For nine years I steered the helm of a successful Joburg bakery. After craving more creativity and time with my children, i decided to hang up my baking mittens. I happily traded them for glitter, glue and sticky fingers.Β 

Firstly, this question dawned on me, Why are arts and crafts so good for kids? And it was time to do some searching. Having launched Scribble and Scratch one month ago, I am already seeing the benefits of creative time with my kids. Also, my friends’ kids who seem to find themselves in our home and crafts boxes often. The joy that this brings in a way that is not only fun. It also has an impact on skills development and learning.

Crafts encourage creativity. And why is creativity so important you ask? Albert Einstein once said; β€œCreativity is intelligence having fun.” In modern day society, raising children is harder than ever. There are so many boxes to tick. Devices seem to have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and imaginary play often takes a back seat.Β 

The multiple benefits that arts and crafts offer are often overlooked:Β 

  1. Fine motor skills- As a critical skill in early childhood development, crafts such as beading, sticking, painting and even play dough require the use of small muscles in hands and fingers. As a foundational aspect in physical and behavioral development, children need to be practicing these skills every day.Β 
  2. Creativity-. Creativity is an essential skill that supports cognitive growth through problem solving, critical thinking and understanding spatial relationships. The creative options are endless when it comes to arts and crafts. Children are given the opportunity to explore colours, textures and worlds to their hearts content.Β 
  3. Allows for self-expression- crafts projects with a blank canvas provide children with the ability to articulate what they are feeling, and give them an age-appropriate platform for expression.Β 
  4. Problem solving- crafts encourage children to think outside the box and to solve problems creatively. As crafts are often guided through simple instructions children are given the opportunity.Β 
  5. Encourages teamwork and socialisation- crafts is a great activity to do with small groups of children to encourage communication. During these crafting activities, children need to be able to talk about what they are doing, ask questions, share tools, discuss and share ideas with one another, not only building cognitive but behavioral and relationship skills too.Β 
  6. Confidence and independence- starting something front scratch can be daunting at any age. Having to imagine something from nothing and learning to appreciate the process is a great way to build confidence and independence.Β 

In conclusion:Β 

Finally, so we ask again, Why are arts and crafts so good for kids? The list of creative benefits is limitless, and arts and crafts provide a wonderful opportunity for us to be alongside our children in this mix of skills development. If you need some tips and tricks or are looking for ideas for arts and crafts activities, visit Scribble and Scratch for free tutorials and a range of products suited to any age.

In conclusion, if you want to be inspired and your creative juices flowing, check out Pintrest page for many more craft ideas with your kids. Enjoy the time with your little ones. From one working mama to another.Β 

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